Great Abiding Yoga

Welcome to Badges

We are excited to announce our new service - Badges! Badges are customized designs that are hand-crafted by our professional creatives at an affordable price.

Since we started South Of Belmar, we’ve seen a need for small and new businesses and individual professionals to have custom made logos without all the other branding and identity that some agencies require of clients. An in-depth branding process is extremely important and necessary for many brands, and its a service we offer, but it’s not for everyone. So we came up with the idea of badges - customized logos that can be created in as little as a week for businesses all over the world. The entire process is done online, which makes it affordable for almost any sized business. Badges cost just $297.

Badges Case Study: Great Abiding Yoga


One group of people that we recognized could really use the Badges service were personal trainers, teachers and instructors. In the fitness world a trainer or teacher may have their own business, but they may teach at multiple locations, different gyms, boxes, etc. It’s necessary for these folks to brand themselves so that clients visually recognize them, even if they’re in a new location or a different gym. They also want to create a brand loyalty in their faithful students.

Great Abiding Yoga is owned by Becky Eschenroeder, a Richmond, Virginia native, who is an accomplished Yogi with a 200 hour E-RYT, RCYT. When her Yoga teacher, Arlene Bjork passed away in 2009, Becky made the commitment to being a full time yoga teacher and to get involved with her community through initiatives such as Project Yoga Richmond and YoKid.

This decision meant that Becky needed to become serious about branding herself and her business. Great Abiding Yoga needed to be something that people trusted, that seemed professional, but approachable and that made people feel comfortable enough to allow her to lead them on their yoga journey. But she didn’t have a lot of capital or resources, nor did she have a need for lots of branding and collateral. So she came to us to create a Badge. We took her design preferences, aesthetics and color choices into account, as well as her business’s story, the feeling she wanted her visual identity to give people and we came up with this:


Becky has been thrilled with the outcome and says, “As for my Badge, every time someone sees it, their reaction is ‘I love the design!’  I have been able to use it to make the most awesome business cards from It has also been so easy to upload my badge onto anything from my resume to my bio to my waivers to my invoices.  Coming from someone who is very technologically ‘illiterate’ you have made using the badge for anything I need to use it for SO easy!  I am so grateful.”

We are so grateful for the opportunity to create this Badge for Becky’s business and excited to hear how easy it is for her to use and how it’s creating a positive vibe with the people who see it. Stay tuned for more case studies about Badge clients and see how else it the Badge service can be used from event promotion to one-off campaigns for larger companies.