Meet Our Crush

PurePharma is a health supplement company with an unparalleled passion for quality. They started in Denmark in 2009 with a mission "to reinvent the concept of the multi-vitamin by producing only products that deliver results and are scientifically proven." Their mission is reinforced by a half-dozen of the World's most elite CrossFitters including Samantha Briggs, Lauren Fisher, and Ben Smith. Their ability to attract these brand ambassadors is precisely because of the quality and excellence they exude.

Why We’re Crushing

Our infatuation with PurePharma began after watching their inspiring commercial during the 2014 CrossFit Games. In just 14 seconds, the video, which shows CrossFit Games competitors working out together and cheering each other on, embodied the critical tenets of the CrossFit culture: community, support and relentlessness.

Swoon-worthy Brand Elements

A company’s brand elements include a company’s voice in their web copy, their typeface, color palette, and the look, feel and tone of all their outward communication. Consistency and clarity across these elements is crucial to building a successful brand.

When looking at PurePharma’s brand elements, you never have to wonder what they stand for or believe in. Here’s an example from their web copy:

"We supply the most powerful micronutrients that are lacking in the the average diet today. We aspire to produce only a few scientifically proven supplements that have a significant impact on human health - with no compromise on quality."

Health. Science. Quality. No matter how they say it, their “Why Statement” is always present in their copy. And their clean, simple, yet powerful visual elements drive home the idea of purity and sticking to what matters.

Their fourteen second commercial moved us, but their brand elements and quality product won us over. PurePharma continues to inspire our work for such brands as Hopper Apparel Co. and the SuperFit Games. While most CrossFit brands try to get ahead by having the loudest voice on every social media platform, PurePharma’s presence goes down like a cool drink of water. Their clean, professional photographs of athletes we all admire with branded typeface captions that work to inspire you, rather than pitch their product as fast and hard as possible, is a refreshing change from the CrossFit norm.

PurePharma, we have a big time crush on your brand.