Perfect Bar

Meet Our Crush

Perfect Bar believes that “whole foods are the only acceptable source of nourishment for your body.”  With that in mind, this family owned company set out to create a product that aligns with their belief. The product they ended up with is a high-quality protein bar made from all-natural and mostly paleo-friendly ingredients. Although the Perfect Bar recipe has been in existence since the 1960’s, the bars just began being sold on the market around 2005. Where can you find them? In the refrigerated section of the grocery store - they’re that natural and fresh.

Why We're Crushing

Our brand love affair with Perfect Bar began when CrossFit icon, Pat Barber, regrammed the company on his personal Instagram feed. If you take a closer look at the company’s platforms, you’ll notice a brand consistency across their website, product packaging and social media presence. They have an alignment with the CrossFit community that is elite but likeable. While they’ve attracted brand ambassadors such as Pat Barber, Miranda Oldroyd and Josh Bridges, they’re not a typical CrossFit-centric company. Like Pure Pharma, Perfect Bar has not employed the typical black and red, distressed, super grunge CrossFit look to attract its newest market.

Swoon-worthy Brand Elements

What makes the Perfect Bar brand so strong? Everything matches, from the voice to the photography to the logo to the supporting typography and color palette. They keep a fun, light, West Coast vibe that speaks to where they come from, and which allows them to attract the surfers and CrossFit crowds alike.

Here are just a few elements we’re swooning over:

  • Handwritten style typefaces that align with the first-person story teller voice that their web copy employs
  • They successfully use playful colors and photographs even though the message is pretty serious:  "your health is at stake!"
  • Their brand ends up speaking to both the serious athlete and the casual nutrition-observer

These people are passionate and it shows in their branding. They placed the “Our Story” section of their site on the first link from the home page, where are an illustrative timeline shows the progression of the Perfect Bar from the early 1960’s to today, including packaging and logos. This sort of transparency shows a firm understanding of branding and evolving with the times while staying firmly grounded in their core beliefs.

Perfect Bar, we have a big time crush on your brand.

Brand CrushElizabeth Fuqua