Health Warrior

Meet Our Crush

Health Warrior is a Richmond, Virginia based company best known for their chia bars that come in a wide variety of flavors. Although they’ve only been in business for a few years, they’ve grown phenomenally and have been featured in Oprah Magazine, Women’s Health, the Huffington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. Their brand essentially launched the chia superfood phenomenon and  set the stage for an amazing food that had been overlooked for decades, if not centuries.

The business was inspired by the best-selling book, Born to Run, which chronicles the Tarahumara Indian’s jaw-dropping long-distance runs. The physical feats of these athletes is due in large part to their diet - a diet that includes lots and lots of chia.

Their mission is “to make radically convenient, real food and positively influence the diet and exercise habits of western civilization.” Their chia bars are just one way they work towards this mission.

Why We’re Crushing

This brand is about so much more than chia bars. Although they are incredibly passionate about the products they make, their bigger mission is to influence the diet and exercise of western civilization. A nearly unfathomable goal, but they’re up for it.

We love brands that think outside themselves and Health Warrior is definitely one of those brands who looks at the big picture. Health is at the core of what they do, and whether you use their products or another route for your health journey, they still offer encouragement and useful information.

Swoon-worthy Brand Elements

  • Their website is an inspiring space that serves as many purposes as flavors of chia bars they sell. You are very unlikely to leave the site without seeking out a way to get your hands on one. Besides just giving you background on the company, they encourage site visitors to “become a part of the tribe” by submitting their fitness story and picture to be featured on the site.
  • High-impact graphics show you quickly and effectively how powerful chia seeds are by comparing them to standard health foods including oatmeal, broccoli, milk, salmon and more. Their blog shares recipes and pictures of food that are as beautiful as they are healthy.
  • Engaging social media posts on Facebook inspire with clean, motivational graphics as well as events that bring people together through fitness.
  • Beautiful photographs on Instagram are just the beginning - Health Warrior does their best to respond to and cheer on their followers in the comments section, making them feel less like a big company and more like a companion on your fitness journey.

Health Warrior is doing just about everything right, from making delicious, high-quality products to engaging their customers beyond their bars.

Health Warrior, we have a big time crush on your brand.

Brand CrushElizabeth Fuqua