Mac's Smack

Meet Our Crush

Mac’s Smack is a locally-based body care company that is known in the health and fitness community and beyond for its high-quality lip and body balms. The company was started by McKenzie Payne after she had her first child and became obsessed with what ingredients were in the products she put in and on her family’s bodies.  Knowing there had to be a better way, she set out to create products that used locally and ethically produced ingredients without preservatives, GMO’s, animal testing or gluten. After years of experimenting, testing and grassroots marketing that included setting up tables at Farmers Markets and craft fairs, Mac’s Smack is now a widely recognized company that is sold through retailers such as Whole Foods, Amazon and local gyms, spas and independent shops.


Why We’re Crushing

Mac’s Smack’s original branding, done by SOB friend, Miles Quillen, is friendly, approachable, a little hand-made looking, but still clean. It gives the impression of each product’s hand-craftedness without being precious or unprofessional. On the site you can see that the product packaging seamlessly integrates their branding elements, which again makes the products appear handcrafted but high quality.

The branding is also amazingly unisex for a body product company. Their balms are just as appealing to guys as they are to girls, if not more so. Their products are even sold at local dude hangout, High Point Barber Shop.

Mack’s Smack has been an excellent resource for the CrossFit community in and around Richmond, setting up tables at ECC and sponsoring events such as SuperFit. The Ultimate Fix is great for ripped CrossFitter hands, and the lip balms are a gym-bag necessity for anybody.


Swoon-worthy Brand Elements

  • Unisex branding that appeals to guys just as much, if not more, than the ladies. Products like The Ultimate Fix are unitaskers, which CrossFitters and anyone who likes to keep it simple can appreciate.
  • Eco-Friendly ingredients are sustainably harvested, locally produced when possible, GMO, gluten and cruelty-free. It’s nice to put something on your body that you actually feel good about.
  • Product packaging that, in very large numbers, announces how many ingredients the product has. We’re talking below 15, people. Every ingredient is listed and is pronounceable. You’ve probably even heard of them all.
  • Community minded business that participates in the 1% for the planet campaign and also partners with other nonprofits including the McShin Foundation and Midwives for Haiti.
  • Consistency across platforms, whether it’s their website, beautiful photography, Instagram, Facebook or physical packaging, they keep it tight.

We love it when a brand keeps their visual identity as clean as their actual products, and when they’re right here in our home town? Even better.

Mac’s Smack, we’ve got a big time crush on your brand.