Rebel Coffee Co.

Meet Our Crush

Rebel Coffee Co. is an Australian owned and operated coffee roastery and distributary. They roast small batches of beans to make “high-performance” coffee for CrossFitters and coffee enthusiasts. A fairly new company, they’ve commanded a loyal following and have done an excellent job at creating a brand worthy of trans-continental crushes.

Why We’re Crushing:

First off, they’re Australian. It just feels so exotic and exciting. Australian CrossFit brands are really doing an excellent job at branding and identity and Rebel Coffee Co. is no exception.

Despite never having tried their coffee (they’re not shipping internationally yet), their amazing branding makes us WANT to try their coffee. And that really is the most amazing thing a brand can do - to create want and desire in a potential customer who hasn’t even tried your product yet.

They do this through a sleek combination of high-intensity CrossFit imagery and cool, laid-back visuals that, while seemingly disparate, work together perfectly. Beautiful photography of their coffee in gyms or by the campsite make perfect sense together based on their customers’ lifestyles.

The coffee is roasted in small batches with specially selected beans that make the blend more caffeinated than your average brew. This high-caffeine content helps fuel the high-intensity messaging, but at the end of the day, it’s coffee - something most people like to relax with. And therein lies the beauty of what they’re doing. Their product, and the messaging around it is capturing that moment when you are sipping the morning’s first cup of coffee, taking stock of your day while simultaneously getting amped up for your morning workout.

Swoon-worthy Brand Elements:

  • Their packaging is simple, clean and cool. It’s modern while still having a touch of that hand-crafted vibe.
  • Their social media is phenomenal, and they manage it all in house. Whether the images on their Instagram and Facebook are their own or sourced from other places, they are consistent, sleek and sexy.
  • They aren’t just selling coffee - they’re selling a lifestyle. Products such as coffee body scrub, workout tops, and diner-style mugs insert their brand into various aspects of their customers’ lives, reminding them that Rebel Coffee is their fuel, every day.

Rebel Coffee Co., we have a big time crush on your brand.