Brand Research & Monday Night Football

I like football. I enjoy the athleticism and strategy, and the fans and the commentary are things that bring me genuine happiness. I've learned to enjoy the game because, in addition to it being an inescapable American pastime, in my family watching football is simply what one does on a Sunday afternoon. As a sport, I could take or leave football. Sure the games are occasionally exciting, but with no fantasy team to prep and fuss over, I find my attention increasingly drawn to other places on the screen. I study the sideline banners, the jumbotrons, the uniforms, and the graphics jumping up and down at every play. If you were watching the National Championship game on Monday, you may have noticed the way the numbers actually scrolled through to get to the updated score as opposed to just changing directly from 7 to 13 (minute 1:36 of that YouTube video). I know, beautiful right?

The world can be a constant source of aesthetic stimulation and inspiration, if you are inclined to see it that way. And if you are lucky enough to do the kind of work we do, you can take that inspiration and apply it to things that others may not expect to be visually appealing. For example, our branding work with the SuperFit Games has made the wonderful world of sports that much more exciting to observe. Next month the SuperFit Games hosts the second annual East Coast Championship at the Convention Center in Richmond, VA. It is a massive event with an estimated 500 athletes ranging from the elite invitational "pro-division" to the novice, master, and Rx team divisions.

For South Of Belmar, the ECC is a grand culmination of an entire year’s work in design and branding efforts - not to mention the hours of "research" we've put in this football season. In the 2014-2015 season, we have helped produce thousands of t-shirts, dozens of banners, social media graphics, flyers, and web collateral - all things that add to the visual and emotional experience of the Games. In next week's post, we'll break down the process behind building the East Coast Championship, quite literally from the ground up.