Scenes from the Atlantic Regional

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to the 2015 Atlantic Super Regional along with the SuperFit Games crew. This event combined the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions, which allowed it to bring in even bigger sponsors and more well-known athletes. Now in it's 8th year, the CrossFit Games is clearly focused on presentation, as they should be. The event is a real show, with $50 tickets and a jam-packed vendor village. Brands such Pure Pharma, Kill Cliff, Airrosti and LifeProof were there, not to mention the partner sponsors, Rogue, Reebok, and Progenex. As for brand ambassadors, Sam Briggs and Noah Ohlsen represented the big boys - Kill Cliff and the like, while B and C-listers wore lesser known brands. I am curious to see which previously unknown or little known athletes will get the upgrade to “Team Kill Cliff” along with their bid to the Games.

I was hoping to be more impressed by the vendor village booth, but no one company really held my attention.  Reebok definitely had the most elaborate build out, but the lines for the changing rooms were too long and the whole set up for check out was pretty disjointed. More than apparel and products, the booths that seemed to get the most traction were holding spectator activities such as jump rope and handstand contests.

I think this lack of interest in the vendor area says something about the CrossFit Games attendee. For these folks, this is not a new thing, and they probably already have all their gear, as well as brand loyalty, at least for now. Overall, the traffic seemed low and I’m guessing most vendors went home having sold a lot less than they were hoping. The lesson here is to attract attention with activities, not just products, and hope that this interaction can produce an eventual online buyer. That means you better have something to send them home with - whether it’s a brochure or some swag - to remind them of you. The real benefit at these events is overall brand awareness - the purchasing may come later.

As for the event itself, it was what you would expect from CrossFit Inc. Very well run, with just a few small snags that you wouldn’t notice if you weren’t paying attention (a workout banner with a typo; the wrong size box for women's Heat 1 of Event 3  - luckily none of the women in that heat made it to the box jump overs). The combining of regions gave the event more star power and we got to watch our SuperFit Games friends, 12 Labours CrossFit, Nathan Bramblett and Whitney Gelin advance to the CrossFit Games in Carson, CA. Congrats to the athletes who moved forward and to the brands who made the effort to be there to support the event!

Photo Credit: CrossFit Inc.