Introducing the South Of Belmar Blog

South Of Belmar is a creative studio that provides branding, strategy and marketing collateral for high-intensity brands. We are thinkers and doers, designers and observers, athletes and rest-day advocates. 

Our client roster includes CrossFit affiliates, athletes, and the brands that support them by way of technical apparel, elite fitness competitions, and nourishing food. These kindred spirits we call our clients are passion-driven business owners, athletes, and industry innovators. And although they stretch from coast-to-coast, we stay connected with them and their community physically when at all possible as well as virtually from our home-base in Richmond, Virginia.

Welcome to the South Of Belmar Blog. 

This blog will be a platform for conversations surrounding the high-intensity aesthetic, industry trends, and the future of this fantastically fit subculture.

The Issue

We are invested in and excited by the future of CrossFit and the CrossFit-inspired industry as a brand, but we foresee a critical fault on the horizon. To an outsider, the culture appears elitist, unwelcoming, and, thanks to dozens of unflattering articles being virally shared on social media, extremely unsafe.

Making matters worse are a handful of CrossFit devotees who are isolating the community even further with their own articles berating the CrossFit naysayers, social media rants and “do you even lift?” memes. Recently a video surfaced on Facebook of a man doing rep after rep of not-to-standard back squats, which ignited thousands of berating comments by overzealous CrossFit enthusiasts in mere hours. Although these individuals are the extreme cases, the unfortunate truth is that their voices are the loudest and so this unwelcoming and often berating tone has become the messaging of the brand.

 The Solution

Despite these incidents, the demand for this style of “high-intensity” exercise is increasing, and with it, a rapidly expanding market. What started as a niche market for companies such as Inov-8, LifeAsRx and Rogue has grown to attract Reebok, Nike, and Under Armour. Now that the world is beginning to pay attention to this exercise subculture, it is time for the major players to reassess how the industry is going to position itself going forward.

South Of Belmar’s mission is to aid in this process by working with pivotal brands that have the power to move the message towards inclusion, rather than exclusion and overall health rather than dangerous extremes. This blog will celebrate industry wins such as individuals and brands taking the aesthetic highroad and inspiring their followers, and it will call out those who injure the reputation of the community. Because the future of this industry is all of our responsibilities, and we want to help you play a role in its success.