PurePharma: Follow Up

Last week, we gave props to our long time Brand Crush, PurePharma. We are so excited to feature a follow up conversation with comments from the PurePharma brand team. Enjoy!

SOB - How often do you refer back to your mission statement when making a brand decision?

PP - Our mission statement is very clear: Our mission is to improve health and athletic performance the natural way — the right way. When we’re developing our marketing and design campaigns, we always come back to this. Our design brings in elements of nature, with greens, blues and natural lighting and settings whenever possible. When choosing content to produce and share, we aim to provide resources that help and inspire our community be healthy, through nutrition, exercise and supplementation.


SOB - We love the consistency of the PurePharma brand. How do you ensure that the voice & visuals of the brand remain consistent throughout all marketing collateral and social media? 

PP - Over the past year, it has not been too much of a challenge. Right now we are a small (but mighty!) team, all with a strong passion for our company’s vision. However we are growing and we know that this will be a challenge for us. So, we have developed several style guides and have internal processes in place to make sure quality is consistent across all platforms, countries and social spaces.


SOB - How has your alignment with the CrossFit industry changed the aesthetic of your brand?

PP - We’ve been a CrossFit brand from the very beginning. Our first product, O3 was actually developed by two CrossFitters in Copenhagen, Denmark. While CrossFit is a huge part of our history and brand identity, it does not define us. We try to put equal emphasis on nutrition, recovery and wellness.

Image: Lauren Fisher, PurePharma Ambassador - Source