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Rebel Coffee Co.

Meet Our Crush: Rebel Coffee Co. is an Australian owned and operated coffee roastery and distributary. They roast small batches of beans to make “high-performance” coffee for CrossFitters and coffee enthusiasts. A fairly new company, they’ve commanded a loyal following and have done an excellent job at creating a brand worthy of trans-continental crushes.

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Mac's Smack

Meet Our Crush Mac’s Smack is a locally-based body care company that is known in the health and fitness community and beyond for its high-quality lip and body balms. The company was started by McKenzie Payne after she had her first child and became obsessed with what ingredients were in the products she put in and on her family’s bodies. 

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Identity Development: Anatomy of a Logo

Humans interact with hundreds if not thousands of logos on a daily basis. Some momentarily grab our attention (whether it’s for positive reasons or not), others we never even see. Still others have been so ingrained into our everyday life that they seem like a natural part of our environment (think Apple, USPS, Target, Starbucks), no more noticeable than the trees along the side of the road. But have you ever stopped to consider what goes into producing these logos: the good, the bad, and the seemingly omnipresent?

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