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Scenes from the Atlantic Regional

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to the 2015 Atlantic Super Regional along with the SuperFit Games crew. This event combined the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions, which allowed it to bring in even bigger sponsors and more well-known athletes. Now in it's 8th year, the CrossFit Games is clearly focused on presentation, as they should be. The event is a real show, with $50 tickets and a jam-packed vendor village.

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Mac's Smack

Meet Our Crush Mac’s Smack is a locally-based body care company that is known in the health and fitness community and beyond for its high-quality lip and body balms. The company was started by McKenzie Payne after she had her first child and became obsessed with what ingredients were in the products she put in and on her family’s bodies. 

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Constructing the East Coast Championship

This weekend, Richmond will host the SuperFit Games East Coast Championship at the downtown Convention Center. February 7-8, the forty top-placing athletes in events throughout the season will be competing in the “pro-division” for prize money and bragging rights, along with almost 500 Rx and Novice competitors. This is the biggest event of the 2014-2015 SuperFit season and the last before the CrossFit Games season begins with the Open kickoff on February 26th. South of Belmar has been thrilled to be able to design and implement the branding for the SuperFit ECC.  So what goes into branding a major event like this? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look.

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Brand Research & Monday Night Football

The world can be a constant source of aesthetic stimulation and inspiration, if you are inclined to see it that way. And if you are lucky enough to do the kind of work we do, you can take that inspiration and apply it to things that others may not expect to be visually appealing. For example, our branding work with the SuperFit Games has made the wonderful world of sports that much more exciting to observe. 

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In May, rap star Rick Ross gave an interview in which he credited his significant weight loss to "this shit called CrossFit." The next thing he said has sparked a social media sensation in the world of hardcore exercisers: 

"I call it 'RossFit' - it's called RossFit now."

People got excited - really excited. The corresponding hashtag, #RossFit, has permeated the Instagram and Twitter world. 

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Identity Development: Anatomy of a Logo

Humans interact with hundreds if not thousands of logos on a daily basis. Some momentarily grab our attention (whether it’s for positive reasons or not), others we never even see. Still others have been so ingrained into our everyday life that they seem like a natural part of our environment (think Apple, USPS, Target, Starbucks), no more noticeable than the trees along the side of the road. But have you ever stopped to consider what goes into producing these logos: the good, the bad, and the seemingly omnipresent?

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PurePharma is a health supplement company with an unparalleled passion for quality. They started in Denmark in 2009 with a mission "to reinvent the concept of the multi-vitamin by producing only products that deliver results and are scientifically proven." Their mission is reinforced by a half-dozen of the World's most elite CrossFitters including Samantha Briggs, Lauren Fisher, and Ben Smith. Their ability to attract these brand ambassadors is precisely because of the quality and excellence they exude.

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Finding Your Why

Branding your business is a complex process no matter what your business does. Since its meteoric rise in popularity, CrossFit affiliates now have the additional branding challenge of setting themselves apart from the dozens or even hundreds of other boxes in their area. The good news is that your box IS different - there is undoubtedly something you are doing, a specialty, approach or trainer that sets you apart, or at least there will be. Figuring out your "Why" first will help you define those differences and is a critical first step to successfully branding your business and setting yourself apart.

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Why The CrossFit Industry Succeeds

Since the beginning of time, man has relied on intensity and movement in the survival of the fittest. Our ancestors moved with urgency out of pure necessity: to eat, to avoid danger, to migrate. But these motivators don’t exist for modern man, so how do we justify  intense movement and optimal physical performance? For nearly every human being there are both internal and external motivators pushing us to do better.

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