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Mac's Smack

Meet Our Crush Mac’s Smack is a locally-based body care company that is known in the health and fitness community and beyond for its high-quality lip and body balms. The company was started by McKenzie Payne after she had her first child and became obsessed with what ingredients were in the products she put in and on her family’s bodies. 

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Taking Your Brand to Snapchat

According to Instagram, my very first post - a baby picture of my youngest sibling - happened three years ago this week. It was a "throwback" photo, but I had given it no hashtags to indicate that. The heavily filtered (probably "Valencia") photo received a whopping zero likes, as did the next three or four posts that followed. Instagram was something that my high-school-aged sisters discussed often and fussed over constantly, which was my clue to stay far away.

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Brand Research & Monday Night Football

The world can be a constant source of aesthetic stimulation and inspiration, if you are inclined to see it that way. And if you are lucky enough to do the kind of work we do, you can take that inspiration and apply it to things that others may not expect to be visually appealing. For example, our branding work with the SuperFit Games has made the wonderful world of sports that much more exciting to observe. 

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