Taking Your Brand to Snapchat

Part I: The evolution of a medium

Instagram: A throwback to my very first #throwback

According to Instagram, my very first post - a baby picture of my youngest sibling - happened three years ago this week. It was a "throwback" photo, but I had given it no hashtags to indicate that. The heavily filtered (probably "Valencia") photo received a whopping zero likes, as did the next three or four posts that followed. Instagram was something that my high-school-aged sisters discussed often and fussed over constantly, which was my clue to stay far away.


The Children are Our (Social Media) Future

Flash forward to 2015, and more of my portfolio work comes from Instagram than any other medium. Similarly, Instagram wasn’t even a blip on most brand’s radar three years ago. Twitter and Facebook ruled the social media scene. Today huge brands like Gap, Ralph Lauren and even Taco Bell are blowing up Instagram and for good reason - it’s where the kids are. But where will the kids be tomorrow? Because, as social media history shows, once a medium is big enough to be infiltrated by brands like Taco Bell, users are likely to migrate to a new space.

To know where the kids (and the rest of us) are going next, Medium.com had a real-life teenager tell us in their Back Channel blog. He was pretty unwavering in his opinion - Snapchat is the new thing and it’s already got over 100 million monthly users, according to a recent statistic.


Snapchat FTW at the ECC

Last year I played around with creating my first brand Snapchat account. I learned a lot in the process and felt confident enough to start one up for the SuperFit Games as a way to give fans and followers one more way to view and interact with the East Coast Championship. The event was two days - February 7 & 8, and by the end of day two the SuperFit Games Snapchat account had around 150 followers with over 100 story views. Even more important, the followers were sending us messages directly - everything from event selfies to lunch bags full of food to warm-up videos. They were excited to see this brand on the same platforms they casually enjoyed with their friends. It made us accessible in new and revolutionary way.

Sidenote: The fun didn't end after the final workout! Search "superfitgames" on Snapchat for frequent story updates and live event coverage.


The Point Is

When it comes to social networks, we have to be fickle. We have to be willing to let go of the old to make way for the new and view every up-and-coming platform through the eyes of the audience. But we also have to be careful to use each medium appropriately. With that in mind, in next week’s blog I'll give you my Snapchat do's and don'ts so you can make the most of this new avenue to your followers.