Taking Your Brand to Snapchat Pt. II

Part II: Do’s and Don’ts

Last week I talked about what Snapchat is, and why brands need to stay on top of new social media outlets. But before you go trying to connect with followers on every social media platform, it’s good to know some basic rules of the road for each one. So this week we are giving you some basic Do’s and Don’ts when bringing your brand to Snapchat.


Snapchat DO’s

  • DO take advantage of the Story. The story feature in Snapchat allows you to compile several pictures that tell a story over a period of time. These stories are visible to all of your followers. Sending individual snaps should be used only in special cases, like for responding.
  • DO fix your settings. The default settings will make you private to people who are not your approved followers. Make sure everyone who wants to follow you can see your story!
  • DO keep it clipped. Unless they are reading a paragraph you've taken  picture of, no one wants to look at a non-moving image on snapchat for more than 3-4 seconds. Keep it moving.
  • DO respond. The chat feature is a nice way to do this while avoiding an awkward photo exchange with a stranger.
  • DO promote your Snapchat Account elsewhere. I did some heavy cross-network promotion for the SuperFit Games account by sharing the Snapchat username on Instagram as well as getting the account announced over the mic during the event.


Snapchat DON’Ts

  • DO NOT use your phone number when creating your account. I made this mistake the first time and it was a difficult fix. Instead of following the brand account, all my contacts could see my name and were following me. This is confusing and then you have to explain it to your friends later . . . much better to set it up anonymously through the brand’s name.
  • DO NOT waste people's time. The SuperFit Games Snapchat experiment took place during a big event where people actually cared about what was going on. The story was 200-300 seconds long, and people ate up every second. If something is worth sharing, post it! Otherwise, keep your cool points by laying low.