Things We Love This Week

The Movement Podcast

Richmond’s original CrossFit Gym, which was started way back in 2007, has started its own podcast, The Movement. Hosted by CrossFit RVA owner, Jake Rowell and his “frenemy” Matt Cricchio, these two are the leading voices in the local CrossFit community and we’re excited about the addition of the podcast to their mediums of influence.

At the date of this blog’s publication, the Movement Podcast has eight episodes that span topics from CrossFit burnout to thoughts on the Open to interviews with elite CrossFit athletes.  The guys have definitely put some time and effort into the equipment they’re using, so the sound is professional, the topics are on-point and the interviews are engaging.

As a twist on Matt and Jake's favorite segment, "The Things We Hate This Week", we're running down our list of reasons we absolutely love The Movement Podcast.

Things We Love About The Movement Podcast

  • Matt and Jakes contrasting personalities are fun and interesting to listen to and watch. They call themselves “frenemies” and refer to Jake as “the hugger” and Matt as “the hater.” The conflicting perspectives make for thought provoking conversations.
  • They film every podcast which takes the production quality to the next level. (Props to Clay Farnsley for his work behind the scenes.)
  • The guests are often elite athletes or experienced coaches. To hear their training goals and philosophies leaves the audience motivated and inspired.
  • The conversation is frequently about mindfulness and being self-aware. It’s nice to hear CrossFit folks talking about considering yourself as an individual, rather than just PR’s, competitions and goals all the time.
  • The conversations are honest and open ended. You believe that this an authentic discussion between friends.
  • The content is current and relevant. They taped one podcast right after the Open to discuss its outcomes and even recorded a podcast from The Arnold in Columbus, Ohio, where they interviewed Strongman competitor, Morgan German.
  • Much like we say in yoga, they "take their practice very seriously and themselves very lightly."
  • Their “things we hate” segment (which has taken some heat from the local listening community) we think is pretty great. It’s brutally honest and, let's be real - some things need to be called out.

So if you haven’t yet, check out the podcast on their website or on iTunes, Stitcher and Feed. If you like it, leave them a review on iTunes so others can find the podcast as well. And Matt and Jake - thanks for bringing one more awesome resource to the RVA Crossfit Community.