Why We Choose Squarespace

A few weeks ago, we were asked to host a webinar by our friend Val Geisler on why and how we use Squarespace for our own website as well as many of our clients. We really believe Squarespace is the best option in an ever-growing sea of DIY website builders, so we were happy to share what we know with others.

So whether you’re creating a personal blog, an e-commerce site for your business or need to build a stunning site for your client, here are just a few reasons we choose Squarespace:

  • Easy Domain and Hosting
    Their all-in-one domain hosting & platform means you don’t have to go through the dreaded DNS transfers that come along with other sites. It also means you don’t have to remember multiple logins and pay multiple bills every month or year.

  • Beautiful Templates
    Their templates come out of the box looking beautiful - you really could have a website up in hours

  • Intuitive
    The back end is intuitive - even for non-developers

  • Real Time Updates
    Content & design updates in real time, so as soon as you make it change, it’s visible to your site visitors.

  • Easy Integration
    It can integrate with MailChimp, Google Apps (for mail), Stripe, Google Analytics and more

  • E-Commerce
    They have built-in Ecommerce & Security so you don’t have to look for a third party vendor if you want to sell your products through your website.

  • Responsive Templates
    Their templates are responsive to the content you’ve entered, so if you get 75% through creating a site and realize you want to change a template, you can do that without losing all of your work.

If you want to learn more about Squarespace and how to start your own site, you can view the webinar for FREE on our website. But if you’re still not feeling up to creating a website yourself or you need help sorting out the strategy behind your business’s online presence, we can help with that too.

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